Adventure Bike – Santos MTB Trails (2016)

3 Hour or  6 Hour Adventure Bike

What is Adventure Bike?

An Adventure Bike is like a an adventure race, except it is just the biking portion. The Adventure Bike races will include navigation (on multiple maps like orienteering, USGS, Topo, satellite), single track biking, paved trail biking, and pretty much anything else you might find in the bike portion of an adventure race.

About the Santos Adventure Bike…

The Santos race will be meeting at the Land Bridge Trail Head. This will be the staging and transition area for the race.

The Course

Teams should be prepared to ride mostly the yellow and blue single track trails, along with some portions of the limerock road. The 6-hour race could cover anything between the main Santos TH at 80th street, all the way west to the Pruitt trail head. The 3-hour race will have a slightly shorter course, but still cover a lot of the great Santos trails.

Teams will use the provided maps to bike along the trail system locating specific checkpoints along the way. Most of the checkpoints will be located off-trail. So racers will arrive at a particular location, drop off their bikes, and go on foot a short distance to retrieve the checkpoint.

The Maps

Teams for both races (6-hr and 3-hr) will have the choice to select which set of maps they use. One set will have controls pre-plotted for easier navigation, while the other set will require more expert navigation (and some plotting) from the teams.Waterproof maps will be supplied.


Because we know how hot it can get in Florida during summer, ice cold water (and other refreshments) will be provided at various points throughout the course. But all racers at still required to bring their own backpack with a 100oz (3 liters) capacity.

Race Start

Both the 6-hour and the 3-hour races will have a staggered start between 8:00AM and 9:00AM. Teams will be started a couple minutes apart in order to keep the trail congestion to a minimum. Teams will start in the order the register. So register soon to claim your early start.

Equipment / Gear

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Hydration (100oz / 3 liters)
  • Compass (GPS units are not allowed!)
  • Bike Computer (must be able to accurately measure riding distance in meters/kilometers)
  • Smartphone capable of taking photos


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the race director, Manny Otero, at

[Disciplines:  Mountain Biking, Navigation, Orienteering]

Date: July 30, 2016


Land Bridge Trail Head (map)
11100 SW 16th Ave
Ocala, FL 34476

Race Maps and Passports:

3-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
3M-2898Melbourne LDers 116-31303:23:00
4C-2953Team Heatstroke6602:36:01
5M-2929The Lightning Rods171703:36:00
7F-1941Mojitos on Monday151504:26:00
9C-2900The Achin Taints6603:41:00

6-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
2M-1949Only MOSTLY Lost333304:47:00
3M-2948Florida Xtreme333304:49:30
4M-2913Off The Grid Racing333304:58:00
5M-1947Off The Grid Racing 2333304:58:00
6M-2777Lost Cause333305:16:00
7M-1945Off The Grid Racing 3333305:35:00
8M-2874Canyoneros - EA Sports33-13206:04:00
9M-2933Wet Socks292905:48:00
10C-2879Team Disoriented272705:14:00
11M-284206484 All Stars232305:10:00
12C-2873L.O.S.T. AR232305:20:00
13M-1889Canyoneros II181805:37:00
14F-2852Bite Me171705:43:00