Heartbreaker Adventure Race (2017)

Family 1 Hour, Sport 4 Hour, and Elite 10 Hour Adventure Race



About the Races

Getting the Canoe to the water A little creek crossing - part of the funBeautiful Gilchrist county and Hart Springs, Florida will be the location for the 2017 Heartbreaker Adventure Race.

Hart Spring ( http://hartsprings.com/ ) will be the start and finish location, but you can be sure race director Craig Sheriff has plenty of challenges in store for racers with this location on the incredible Suwannee River. Otter Springs, Fanning Springs, Wannee Conservation area  are all just a stone’s throw away from the start.

Primitive tent camping is included with the race, 4 people per site.  RV camping is available at $24 per night, plus tax, up to 4 people. Only two vehicles per site are allowed, for both RV and tent sites.

All the races will feature lagoons and springs.  The Elite Race will be a modified expedition style race, with about every type of biking available here;  new trails, some great single and double track, dirt and paved roads, even some sugar sand and a bit of hike-a-bike!
The Sport Race will also be a modified expedition style race, biking to the Boat TA, then returning to the Main TA via boat.  Ending with a Foot section that contains a bunch of controls, lots of options.
The Family Race will be mostly contained within Hart Springs Park.  Teams will have about 2 miles on bike, paved trails and double track, about 1.5 miles on boat, and ending with about a mile on foot.
All the races will end with a “refreshing” final CP, food, and an awards ceremony.

Family Racers - AR for everyone


The Race Site

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[Disciplines:  Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

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Family 2-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1F-21308Exercise Intolerant34351501:09:00
2C-41309Intuitive Roosters34351501:21:00
3C-21239Two Chickens in Paradise34341401:52:00

Sport 4-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-21251Cow Tipping Dwarfs1218623803:24:00
2M-21184Tortoise and Hare1218623803:47:00
3C-21133Dark Horse1218623803:50:00
4M-21160Mia's Misfits1218623803:51:00
5C-21237Nightmare Moon1218623803:56:00
6C-21221Struggle Bus1218533804:00:00
8C-31162Kueh Xtreme121862-13704:10:00
9M-21268Trailer Trash1118513503:54:00
10C-21158Kelly Kids1213623303:56:00
11M-21285Team Z1211623104:00:00
12C-21200Team Adams12942-12604:05:00
13F-41185Here For The Party111321704:00:00
14C-31307Wide-eyed Goats84311603:45:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time

Elite 10-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-31212Sprinting Bush Hookers27271136808:47:00
2C-21213Gnashing of Teeth27271136809:31:00
3M-31142Lost Cause27271136809:55:00
4C-31253Are We Good'Nuff?27271036708:14:00
5C-31183Dead Reckoning27271126709:31:00
6M-21187Victorious Secret2727946709:34:00
7C-31156Team Unknown27261126608:43:00
8M-21157Off in the Woods27261036609:46:00
9C-21164Irate Booty27231126309:48:00
10C-21151Aubie's Ambush27231126309:49:00
11C-21293Sets on the Beach27131015109:58:00
12M-21275Tylie Willer2781034809:45:00
13M-21243Bama Boys175823209:28:00
14F-21144Black sheep162722709:59:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11170Beech Bums27111135208:31:00