Hontoon Runabout (02.19.2017)

5K or 10K Trail Run

About the Race

The Hontoon Runabout returns for its third year in 2017! Join Florida Xtreme Adventures on February 19 for a challenging trail run through the wilds of this beautiful island located in the St. Johns River.

The Hontoon Runabout is a 5 or 10 kilometer trail run that will take competitors through pine flatwoods on the higher elevations and oak hammocks, cypress swamps and marshes along the border of the St. Johns River and its tributaries.

Runners might see red-shouldered hawks, white ibis, or limpkins on their journey through the ancient Timucuan habitat. Snails gathered from the shallows were a common food of these people. Over many years, the discarded shells accumulated to form large mounds on the island.

Add this event to your must do races in 2017. You never know what the island may bring for mud and weather!

Custom awards for the top 3 male and female age group finishers!


5K Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib #   Racer Name Time
1Junior (Male)131419  Joseph Repyneck00:28:40
2Open (Male)132515  John Baehre00:29:12
3Open (Male)132114  Joe Wendler00:29:41
4Junior (Male)13016  David Bruderick00:31:24
5Open (Male)131312  Ethan Repyneck00:31:34
6Junior (Female)1357  Trinity Graham00:32:17
7Masters (Female)12678  DianaF Faherty00:34:37
8Open (Female)12344  Cheily Diaz00:34:47
9Junior (Male)133835  Fletcher Dean00:35:20
10Open (Male)13379  Bill Dean00:35:23
11Open (Female)123810  Erin Reed00:36:05
12Open (Female)128427  Paula Bany00:36:14
13Open (Female)128332  Sara Sunderland00:36:14
14Masters (Male)121626  Paul Synk00:36:16
15Masters (Female)125725  Patty Dyke00:36:55
16Open (Female)124113  Jessica Matthews00:36:56
17Junior (Male)130517  John Tarr00:38:29
18Open (Female)130421  Kimberly Tarr00:38:29
19Masters (Female)12522  Anissa Chan00:39:16
20Open (Female)124733  Shannon Letcher00:39:17
21Open (Male)124818  John Whitfield00:39:19
22Masters (Male)124931  Ron Allison00:40:28
23Open (Female)13205  Cynthia Lane00:41:15
24Open (Male)129520  Kevin Clark00:41:23
25Junior (Male)12991  Alexander Scott00:42:33
26Junior (Male)1358  Ryder Rees00:42:41
27Junior (Male)1359  Colton Ballew00:42:43
28Open (Female)124223  Michelle Wharton00:43:53
29Masters (Female)128228  Phyllis Walters00:44:09
30Masters (Female)126524  Nancy Austin00:48:11
31Junior (Female)132322  Marley Baehre00:55:09
32Junior (Male)132230  Robinson Baehre00:55:09
33Open (Female)126111  Esther Londono-Scott00:55:27
34Open (Male)129816  John Scott00:55:27

10K Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib #   Racer Name Time
1Open (Male)125856  Justin Caranci00:45:38
2Masters (Male)126681  William Costello00:49:25
3Open (Female)121984  Erica Phillips00:51:25
4Open (Male)121882  Zac Holten00:51:25
5Masters (Male)125573  Peter Gelzinis00:52:10
6Junior (Male)1361  BJ Graham00:53:36
7Masters (Male)125467  Michael Scures00:57:09
8Open (Female)131165  Melissa Hughes00:58:47
9Open (Female)129471  Pamela Clark01:01:23
10Junior (Female)129675  Robin Moran01:03:10
11Masters (Female)122849  Denise Thaller01:03:19
12Masters (Female)129153  Janet Erlacher01:03:42
13Masters (Male)124640  Bryan McKeon01:04:03
14Masters (Male)1360  Franklin Guzman01:04:13
15Open (Female)134185  Kristen Billyer01:04:13
16Masters (Female)126947  Darlene Nogle01:04:24
17Masters (Female)123558  Kim Williams01:05:15
18Masters (Female)128043  Cheryll Loiars01:09:26
19Open (Female)131834  Tess Busch01:10:29
20Masters (Male)125052  Jamie Carl01:12:15
21Open (Female)131951  Fredrika Paulig01:12:42
22Open (Female)122036  Amanda Dean01:12:46
23Open (Female)121437  Amanda Terry01:12:46
24Masters (Female)132677  Sondi Ryersee01:12:55
25Open (Female)126270  Nina Parent01:13:35
26Open (Male)125969  Nick Scures01:20:00
27Masters (Male)126472  Pat Faherty01:38:54
28Open (Female)124544  Christina McKeon01:39:16
29Open (Male)122276  Ryan Clark01:39:21
30Open (Female)123255  Joy Boucher01:40:57
31Masters (Male)123062  Marc Boucher01:40:57
32Masters (Female)127439  Audra Jolliffe01:41:05
33Open (Female)127241  Candace Ziegler01:41:05
34Open (Female)127880  Vickie Pleus01:41:05
35Masters (Male)122779  Tom Thaller01:41:54
36Open (Female)123683  Allison Otero01:42:07
37Open (Female)124468  Milena Kubica01:42:07
38Junior (Male)131561  Leonardo Repyneck01:42:21
39Open (Female)127350  Erin Scott01:42:30
40Open (Female)123342  Catie Rosekelly01:43:55
41Open (Female)122959  Kimberly Ascroft01:47:10
42Open (Male)123163  Mark Quintana01:47:10
43Open (Female)129254  Jenn De Boer01:50:18
44Open (Female)127160  Kristen Baker01:50:18
45Masters (Female)129057  Kathy Crews01:50:22