St. Francis Trail Run

5K,  13K, and 18K (5K+ 13K)  Trail Runs

About the Race

This is the fabulous St. Francis Trail. Run through head high fern forests and incredibly diverse terrain including boardwalk swamps, bridge crossings, and pine and oak forests. This blazed trail is a fabulous setting for a run/race. Here are some pics of the Incredible beauty of this perfect running trail.

The race starts later than most races so we can celebrate the race director’s birthday (Ron Eaglin) with a birthday party Bar-B-Q (and cake).

The 18K race will actually combine the 5K race and 13K race. Racers will complete the 5K race first, then start again and complete the 13K race, for a total of 18K (2 races, one price) combined time will be your final time.

Cost includes race, T-Shirt, Post race cookout

Race is limited to first 120 runners.


Age Groups

  • Junior: 12 and under
  • Open: 13 – 45
  • Masters: 46 and above


Dates and Schedule

March 26, 2017

Race (and Birthday) Party starts at 12 PM

5K 13K
Packet Pick Up 11:30AM-12:00PM 11:30AM-1:00PM
Start 12:00PM 1:00PM
Post Race Party 1:00PM 2:00PM



River Forest Campground (map)
River Forest Blvd
Deland, FL 32720



Early registration ($35) ends: 03/07/2017
Late registration ($45) ends: 03/23/2017

Race will be limited to 120 participants.

Click here to Register!

5K Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib #   Racer Name Time
1Open (Male)146684  Josh Tomlinson00:24:21
2Masters (Male)147795  Sean Black00:25:31
3Masters (Male)145381  Jeff Cook00:26:58
4Open (Male)147290  Michael Lehner00:27:51
5Masters (Male)143215  Lincoln Anthony00:28:00
6Masters (Female)145975  Nancy Buonanni00:28:10
7Masters (Female)145280  Sondi Ryersee00:30:00
8Open (Female)147896  Jennifer McElroy00:30:39
9Masters (Female)146379  June Graham00:32:18
10Masters (Male)145470  Ronald Hart00:32:50
11Open (Female)145571  Cynthia Miller00:35:07
12Masters (Female)13735  Darlene Nogle00:35:15
13Masters (Male)13907  Craig Ryersee00:36:05
14Open (Female)147593  Kristen Billyer00:36:20
15Masters (Male)145874  William Buonanni00:36:30
16Open (Male)147491  Jason Miller00:36:56
17Masters (Female)13928  Cheryl Cook00:37:00
18Masters (Female)146482  Robin Moran00:37:05
19Masters (Female)146987  Judith Carrion00:37:37
20Masters (Male)13453  Harold Simpson00:37:51
21Masters (Female)145773  Linda Cowart00:37:55
22Open (Male)141012  Boris Ortiz00:40:30
23Masters (Female)13101  Deborah Broderick00:40:37
24Open (Female)145117  Keria Galan00:41:25
25Masters (Female)13949  Joan Kirkwood00:42:12
26Open (Female)146886  Andrea Weaver00:42:43
27Masters (Male)13292  Michael Fracek00:43:54
28Open (Female)145672  Sarah Smith00:43:55
29Masters (Male)147694  Robert Schneider00:44:12
30Masters (Female)146785  Audra Jolliffe00:47:21
31Masters (Female)139910  Sharon Grzanich00:47:22
32Open (Female)142814  Cheri Vanatta00:48:29
33Open (Male)142713  Dan Dodd00:48:30
34Masters (Female)146177  Marisa Flint00:52:33
35Masters (Male)13684  Keith Flint00:52:35
36Open (Female)13876  Lisa Rodriguez01:13:16

13K Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib #   Racer Name Time
1Open (Male)149384  Josh Tomlinson01:02:09
2Masters (Male)150495  Sean Black01:04:21
3Masters (Male)135335  Wade McKeehan01:10:36
4Masters (Female)148675  Nancy Buonanni01:13:12
5Masters (Female)147980  Sondi Ryersee01:13:14
6Masters (Female)149182  Robin Moran01:14:40
7Open (Male)144153  Jorge Guevara01:15:34
8Open (Female)150596  Jennifer McElroy01:15:50
9Masters (Male)148081  Jeff Cook01:16:05
10Masters (Male)148170  Ronald Hart01:17:17
11Open (Male)149990  Michael Lehner01:17:25
12Masters (Male)135033  Allan Preston01:22:29
13Open (Female)135134  Christy Tagye01:22:45
14Open (Male)143152  Tyler Brandeburg01:24:25
15Masters (Male)141145  Scott Ramey01:24:55
16Open (Female)150293  Kristen Billyer01:28:19
17Masters (Female)149079  June Graham01:29:38
18Open (Female)138838  Catherine Phillips01:29:50
19Open (Female)141646  Christina Russell01:30:01
20Masters (Female)140040  Janet Erlacher01:30:44
21Open (Female)148372  Sarah Smith01:32:35
22Open (Male)143316  Cesar Otero01:34:40
23Open (Male)138637  David Rodriguez01:35:14
24Masters (Female)135636  Christine Zieres01:35:19
25Open (Male)144756  Ethan Repyneck01:36:15
26Open (Female)134031  Stacey Sikora01:37:15
27Masters (Male)139339  Loran Serwin01:38:35
28Masters (Female)140242  Sophie King01:38:49
29Junior (Male)142449  Dain Braun01:40:20
30Masters (Male)142247  Doug Braun01:40:20
31Masters (Female)148473  Linda Cowart01:40:31
32Masters (Female)148877  Marisa Flint01:40:35
33Open (Male)142348  Phil Braun01:43:23
34Masters (Male)142950  Chris Semans01:49:01
35Open (Female)143051  Sonia Semans01:49:01
36Masters (Male)148574  William Buonanni01:50:12
37Open (Female)148271  Cynthia Miller01:50:48
38Open (Male)150191  Jason Miller01:51:57
39Masters (Female)149687  Judith Carrion01:52:21
40Masters (Female)134232  Kim Williams01:54:33
41Masters (Male)150394  Robert Schneider01:57:43
42Open (Female)149586  Andrea Weaver01:58:58
43Masters (Female)140844  Wendy Ramey02:00:39
44Open (Female)133930  Allison Otero02:01:34
45Masters (Female)149485  Audra Jolliffe02:03:13
46Open (Female)140443  Candace Ziegler02:03:13

18K Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib #   Racer Name Time
1Open (Male)139884  Josh Tomlinson01:26:30
2Masters (Male)144395  Sean Black01:29:52
3Masters (Female)136475  Nancy Buonanni01:41:23
4Masters (Male)139181  Jeff Cook01:43:04
5Masters (Female)138980  Sondi Ryersee01:43:15
6Open (Male)141490  Michael Lehner01:45:17
7Open (Female)144896  Jennifer McElroy01:46:30
8Masters (Male)131270  Ronald Hart01:50:07
9Masters (Female)139582  Robin Moran01:51:45
10Masters (Female)137479  June Graham02:01:57
11Open (Female)142193  Kristen Billyer02:04:40
12Open (Female)133072  Sarah Smith02:16:30
13Masters (Female)135573  Linda Cowart02:18:27
14Open (Female)131771  Cynthia Miller02:25:55
15Masters (Male)136374  William Buonanni02:26:43
16Open (Male)141791  Jason Miller02:28:53
17Masters (Female)140987  Judith Carrion02:29:58
18Masters (Female)136777  Marisa Flint02:33:09
19Open (Female)140786  Andrea Weaver02:41:42
20Masters (Male)144094  Robert Schneider02:41:55
21Masters (Female)140385  Audra Jolliffe02:50:35