The Blue Ridge Adventure Race (2016)

8 Hour and 24 Hour Adventure Race


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The 2016 Blue Ridge Adventure Race will start in downtown Blue Ridge Georgia Saturday May 21, 2016.

Race director Jeff Leininger will be setting 2 incredible courses. Teams will be able to choose between the 8 hour race and the 24 hour race. Both races will start at 9:00AM.

[Disciplines:  Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Both the 8HR and 24HR will start at 9:00am with parking and check-in Downtown Blue Ridge Georgia on May 21st.

Check-in starts at 6:00am-7:30am with instructions and (pre-plotted) map followed a pre-race meeting at 7:30am. Racers will load buses at 8:00am sharp to a secret start location. No Friday check-in. All teammates must be present to check-in and receive instructions. The later you are the shorter the time to prepare.

Breakfast items will be at check-in (fruit, bagels, muffins). Both races will be a trek start, so a staging area will be set-up at check-in for bikes, bins, and paddling gear. During the 8HR race we will be transporting your paddle gear and bikes. For the 24HR race we will be transporting your paddle gear, bikes, and (one per any size team) 27-gallon bin. Team labels for bags will be supplied by us.

There will be a bearing course added to this years race so team will need to have a basic understanding on how to shoot a bearing and count steps. Both 8 and 24 hour races.

Both races are USARA National Qualifiers.

Water and snacks will be provided at every TA and one or two stores along the way, so bring cash.

Date: May 21, 2016


Blue Ridge, GA (map)
900 East Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513


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Harvest on Main

Race Reports:


If you have any questions about the results, please contact Jeff at Final results will be posted in the leaderboard below soon…

8-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
2C-2559Caught in the Cross Freyer
3C-2673I'm not sweating, it's my fat crying
4M-3798Taint so Bad101142507:54:00
5M-3752Terminal Velocity101112207:28:00
7M-3753CFR TEC10112107:03:00
8M-3722Basic Inner Rash81122107:27:00
9M-2830The Pack is Back9922007:26:00
10M-2750CFR TEC II9112007:48:00
12M-2751Tri's Are For Quitters8111907:34:00
13C-3734Team Shug Heart8741907:48:00
14M-3844No Name Team9101907:54:06
15M-3831CFR TEC IV7111807:23:00
16C-26442 Dumb to Quit7111807:30:14
17M-4796Smack My Goat With Milk8101807:39:00
18M-2845The Specialists991807:59:00
19M-3696Blue Balls of Destiny981704:05:00
20M-3764Wordsworth Drinking Club981707:39:00
21C-3637Yuki Joy891708:10:00
23M-4679Ming's Dingalings791607:43:00
24M-4765Legion of Lost9611607:48:00
25M-3727Premature Navigation961507:55:00
26M-2726Tig-O Bitties5631407:37:00
28M-2785Shark Creek Crew6611308:05:00
29M-2717I hear banjos751207:30:00
30M-2740Blue Pillows Part Deux661207:36:00
31M-3759Super Average561107:45:00
32M-3754Greazy Porkchop4611108:26:00
33M-2627Roxie Flat Creekers461007:34:39
35M-37304 Runners51607:37:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1F-1685Caitlin Thorn1091907:17:00
2M-1791Team Payne971607:45:09
3M-1846Do What I do881607:50:03

24-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-3731Only MOSTLY Lost1820947
2M-3649Florida Xtreme172264500:00:00
3C-3774Bright Byte2315543
4C-3761Adventure Capitalists191754100:00:00
5M-2762Howler Monkeys122274100:00:00
6C-3760Summit Adventures/Team Commie Bar1419538
7M-2643Clean Up on Aisle 12161843800:00:00
9M-3755Drummond Racing161643600:00:00
10M-3743All Toenails Go To Heaven121943500:00:00
11C-3747Off in the Woods101753200:00:00
12C-2748Off in the Woods II101753200:00:00
13M-2687Wet Feet AR131453200:00:00
15M-3653Toxic Monkeys101553000:00:00
16M-3744Canyoneros - EA Sports1311327
17M-2757Canyoneros - EA Sports II131132700:00:00
18M-2720Lost World Adventures121142700:00:00
19M-2749404 Racing81242400:00:00
20C-3819Bite Me51452400:00:00
21M-4703Fat Boys AR81142300:00:00
23M-2768Canyoneros - EA Sports III
25M-4835On the Way
27M-4697Command Investigations2941520:10:10
28M-3745Checkpoint 19591405:14:00
29M-3756Death by Orienteering1921206:49:00
30M-3724Which Way Is North?291105:09:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-1728Jesse Nelson191754108:46:00
2M-1733MDR Racing891704:49:00