The Earth Day Adventure Race (2016)

Family 1 Hour, Sport 4 Hour, and Elite 18 Hour Adventure Race


Earth Day AR


From the 1500s through the 1700s a natural land bridge served as a crossroad between the Santa Fe River Sink and the River Rise. It is still in existence today, and visitors can observe where the Santa Fe River disappears within O’Leno State Park, goes underground and then reemerges several miles away at River Rise Preserve State Park. Its flow is expelled from the underground unto the surface to continue its flow to the Suwannee River.

In 1974, approximately 4,500 acres were purchased by the Florida Park Service, creating River Rise Preserve State Park, which borders O’Leno State Park. And this is the location of this year’s Earth Day Adventure Race!

The Elite race will feature one of Florida’s Designated Paddling Trails, where teams will get to visit more than two dozen springs. This will be an expedition style race with very limited gear access. Teams will have access to gear about two hours into the race, and at about two hours before they finish. We will have several spots to refill water bladders along the way. There will be some surprises along the way. Teams should plan on some incredible, relatively open trekking. One person will be able to win an EPIC Midwing Club Carbon Paddle, there is a catch though. In the spirit of Earth Day, we will Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose. If you win the new paddle you must hand off your existing paddle to a racer that doesn’t have one. Details will be given on race day.

The Sport race will feature some of the 30+ sinks that are within the River Rise Preserve State Park. Right now the race is designed totally within the park, but if we get some good feedback from the Sport teams we can make this an expedition style race also. There will be some hydration packs to be won (as well as other goodies), but again, you must Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose, and give your existing pack to a racer that needs an upgrade.

[Disciplines:  Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Dates: April 16-17, 2016 (Elite race)
                April 17, 2016 (Sport & Family race)


River Rise Preserve State Park (map)
[just north of the address below]
23731 US Hwy 441
High Springs, FL 32643

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Family 2-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
2C-3674Red Lightning323802:17:00
3M-2794Team Z323802:50:27
4C-3767Unicorn Taco313703:20:00

Sport 4-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-2607Special Ed6551603:23:29
2M-3648The Flying Clavicle's6551603:29:11
3M-2670Where Is Everyone?6551603:32:12
6F-2633Death Marchers6551603:59:42
7M-2698Splinter Heads655-11504:25:25
8C-3645Namaste in Bed6351403:43:25
9C-2665Will Race For Beer655-21404:14:46
10C-4773Get to the Chopper3551303:43:14
11M-2629Mia's Misfits651103:30:58
13C-3659Ravenous Otters454-21104:13:34
14F-3652Power Puff Girls < 3252902:58:38
15M-2574The Pace Makers432903:54:54
16C-2658Team Reeser35-3503:13:43
17F-26683 Sistas from other Mistas313-3404:30:00
18F-2613Into the Wild655-31304:30:06
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
3F-1604Mojitos on Monday655-11504:08:17

Elite 18-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
3M-4664Running In Circles132454217:08:17
4C-3656Lost Cause132454217:09:48
5M-4704CP Bound132454217:36:21
6M-2712Clean Up on Aisle 12132454217:41:48
8M-2669404 Racing12245-23918:11:01
9M-3647Off in the Woods92353717:43:13
10C-2657I'm with Sexy71943017:48:51
11C-3695Dead Reckoning12242717:48:34
12C-3655Snake Girl and Dog Boy61152217:39:21
13C-3654Out of the Box5751717:40:25
14F-2769Bite Me6235-43018:35:10
15M-2662Epic Saddlebaggers2452914:28:31
16C-3603Pangea Adventure Racing741104:36:00
17M-2771Florida Xtreme
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-1770Mono Perdido132454217:16:27
2M-1689Nature Calls92353717:48:50