The Earth Day Adventure Race (2017)

Family 1-2 Hour, Sport 4 Hour, and Elite 18 Hour Adventure Race

Earth Day AR

The 2017 Earth Day Adventure Race is shaping up to be an epic event!

The Elite Race should take about 16.5 hours to clear the course. There will be two paddle segments, three bike segments, at least a few trekking segments, special tasks, and even a special event segment. We will be keeping the tradition of reuse, recycle, and repurpose alive. We will be giving a new carbon paddle away. Just remember that if you win the paddle, you must give yours away.

The Sport Race should be clearable in just under 3 hours, allowing 4 hours to collect as many CPs as possible. It will feature a great lake paddle with a portage, some awesome single and double track, and a fun foot segment. We will be giving a few hydration packs away in this event, but remember you will have to give yours up to get the new one.

The Family Race will feature some of the same areas as the Sport Race, but should only have about 1.5 miles on boat, 2.5 miles on bike and about a mile on foot.

Race Update

I hope everyone is ready for what is going to be a great event.

This is a USARA Nationals qualifying event, make sure to bring your $8 cash for your one day membership to USARA. We will follow USARA Rules and we will be following the USARA Required Gear List.

There will be gear checks during the event.

Teams will be allowed 1 Paddling Gear bag, that we will transport to and from the Boat TAs. You can put dry/wet clothes in them. If you are going to try to clear the course, you will get your feet wet.

There are 2 Special Tasks on the first bike segment. You are not allowed to wear your cleated bike shoe for those tasks. You must transport a pair of non-cleated bike shoes/sneakers to use during those tasks.

Each team member will need to go to and follow the instructions from there. Please do this by Thursday April 20, 2017.

I am offering 1CP point for teams (at least half the team) that show up and check in with me by 10:30am and spend 1 hour helping with the Sport teams’ logistics, AR 101.

If you are arriving after 12noon please use extreme caution while pulling into the parking area at Layfette Heritage Park. All elite teams will park in the same area. Do not plan on using your car as a TA.

Do some squats all this week. See you Saturday, thanks, Craig


Tallahassee_Logo_Leon_Co_Seal_vert_4c Capture IMG_8083

[Disciplines:  Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Dates: April 22, 2017


Lafayette Heritage Trail Park (map)
4900 Heritage Park Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32311


Check In 12:30PM 10:00AM 12:00PM
Pre-race Meeting 3:00PM 11:30AM 1:30PM
Start 3:30PM 12:00PM 2:00PM
Finish 10:30AM (April 23) 4:00PM 4:00PM
Post Race 11:00AM (April 23) 4:30PM 4:30PM

In order to speed up the check in process on race day, please download and fill in the FLX Liability Waiver for each team member, and bring to the race with you.


Please click to read the Event Rules.


Please click to read the Mandatory Gear.

Looking for a Team?

If you are looking for a team to join, or looking to find some teammates, please feel free to post a message on the Florida Adventure Racing Facebook page.


Early registration ends: 2/21/2017
Regular registration ends: 3/21/2017 **
Late registration ends: 4/18/2017

** Please note, if you register after regular registration ends, you might not receive a race specific t-shirt.

Click here to Register!

4-Person Team $100 $120 $160
3-Person Team $75 $90 $120
2-Person Team $50 $60 $80
4-Person Team $320 $380 $440
3-Person Team $225 $270 $315
2-Person Team $150 $180 $210
Solo $75 $90 $105
4-Person Team $480 $540 $600
3-Person Team $345 $390 $435
2-Person Team $230 $260 $290
Solo $115 $130 $145

Family 2-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-21380The Mountain Climbers333901:07:59
2M-21332Fun Runnin'333901:18:10
3C-21382Not Quite Sure333901:28:56
4C-31288Team Instinct333901:50:12
5C-31406The Express Lanes333902:00:00

Sport 4-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
2C-21507Trail'r Trash5561602:22:35
3M-31335Cow Tipping Dwarfs5561602:23:29
4M-21371Little Buckhorn5561602:29:53
5M-21328Victorious Secret5561603:14:37
6M-31381Mia's Misfits5561603:22:20
7C-31379The Mercenaries5561603:27:07
8C-41397SS Minnow5561603:54:57
9C-21344Two Chickens in Paradise5561604:00:00
11M-31365Team Shenanigans5461503:21:35
12F-21349Here For The Party X25551503:53:47
14F-21385The Cookie Tossers5451403:30:50
15C-21369Jack and Jill Ran Up The Hill3561404:00:00
17C-21531If you ain't first, you're us!561102:50:52
18C-21377Dark Horse35802:02:36
19M-41362Beer Run Brothers
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time

Elite 18-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-31289Florida Xtreme23181816018:07:53
2M-21515All Toenails Go To Heaven23181816018:11:00
3C-31327Team Disoriented23181816018:22:12
4C-31306Off The Grid Racing23181715916:51:58
7M-31336Off in the Woods18181114817:34:27
8C-21383Team Unknown22131114718:28:16
9C-21343Aubie's Ambush2291314518:33:00
10C-31334Dead Reckoning2381214418:31:14
11C-31346Clean Up on Aisle 122271314318:27:17
12M-2137806484 All Stars17131114218:36:00
15C-21534Better Late than Never165813017:59:00
16M-31526Paddle On My Wayward Son94102319:00:38
17F-21352No Man's Land342913:36:54
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11425Chub Solo22181315417:11:05
2M-11436Beech Bums23101214618:31:00