Father’s Day AR (2017)

Family 1-2 Hour, Sport 3 Hour, and Elite 6 HourAdventure Race

About the Race

The Father’s Day Adventure Race will take place on Sunday, June 18, 2017 at Little Big Econ State Forest

We will have races in 3 categories; Family, Sport, and Elite.

For the Family 1-Hour race, expect to have some fun team challenges mixed in with the biking (along a great trail system), paddling (approximately 1 mile), and trekking (about 2 miles).  Along with some team building one-minute challenges.

For less experienced teams we will be having what we call an “Adventure Racing 101” class at 9AM and 12:30PM. This will include some map readying instructions (along with compass reading help if you want it). We will also go over some canoe paddling instructions and any bike questions you may have.

For the Sport 3-Hour race, expect a slightly longer course than the Family course, also including some fun challenges along the way.

If you are doing the Elite 6-Hour race, be prepared to do each of the disciplines (paddle, bike, and trek) for about 2 hours each. We will also include some challenges in the transition areas as well as along the route. This is an elite level course so plan on some tough paddling (not all downstream) and some difficult to find checkpoints along with outstanding single-track biking.


Race for Free

This year we are again allowing teams members that race in the the Elite or Sport race to then join in and also participate in the Family race, for FREE. The Elite and Sport races both end at 1:00PM, so we want to encourage team members to then join their kids or other family members in a Family team and do that race as well, which starts at 2:00PM. If you are going to take advantage of this offer, please register first for the Elite or Sport race, then register your Family team. The fee for the Family race registration will be automatically adjusted during the registration process.


[Disciplines involved: Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]




Sunday, June 18 2017



Little Big Econ State Forest (map)
Snow Hill Rd
Geneva, FL 32732



Check In 6:00AM 9:00AM 1:00PM
Pre-race Meeting 6:30AM 9:30AM 1:30PM
Start 7:00AM 10:00PM 2:00PM
Finish 1:00PM 1:00PM 4:00PM
Post Race 1:30PM 4:30PM 4:30PM


Rules, Gear, Waiver

Please click to read the Event Rules.

Please click to read the Mandatory Gear.

Please print and fill out the FLX Race Waiver (one per racer) and bring on race day, this will greatly speed upÊthe check-in process.


Looking for a Team?

If you are looking for a team to join, or looking to find some teammates, please feel free to post a message on the Florida Adventure Racing Facebook page.



Early registration ends: 4/25/2017
Regular registration ends: 5/23/2017 **
Late registration ends: 6/13/2017

** Please note, if you register after regular registration ends, you might not receive a race specific t-shirt.

Click here to Register!


Registration Fees:

4-Person Team $100 $120 $160
3-Person Team $75 $90 $120
2-Person Team $50 $60 $80
4-Person Team $300 $360 $420
3-Person Team $210 $255 $300
2-Person Team $140 $170 $200
Solo $70 $85 $100
4-Person Team $340 $400 $460
3-Person Team $240 $285 $330
2-Person Team $160 $190 $220
Solo $80 $95 $110

Family 2-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-31442Epic Dynasty4431101:10:00
2M-21613The Dirtbags4431101:10:00
3C-41619Directionless Dads and Daughters4431101:13:00
4C-41625Never Eat Soggy Waffles4431101:13:00
5C-21588Gass Powered 14431101:15:00
7F-21579Not Quite Sure4431101:22:00
8C-31587Off in the Woods4431101:22:00
9C-21626Ball & Chain4431101:25:00
10M-21580Mountain Climbers4431101:26:00
11M-21581The Alabama Yellowheads4431101:26:00
12C-31610The Neenja Turdles4431101:26:00
13C-41525Broccoli Covered Powder Babies4431101:28:00
14C-31569Boba Fitt4431101:34:00
15C-31547Extreme Acceleration4431101:38:00
16C-21589Turkey Legs4431101:49:00
17C-31590Turkey Legs 1.014431101:49:00
18C-41624Last Minute Commit4331001:40:00
20C-31607Mudd Slingers II4421001:51:00
21C-21601Mudd Slingers l4421001:51:00
22C-41555Trey's Trailblazers441901:45:00
23C-41582Nature Calls143801:10:00
25C-41561It'll be fun!43701:35:00
26C-21597More Bread!11200:47:00
27C-41602Intuitive Roosters

Sport 3-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-31595817Scurvy Knaves564-11403:01:00
2C-31575814Sheriff's Posse5521202:55:03
3M-21577815Where Is Everyone?5141002:54:19
4C-31548804Game of Thorns432902:50:14
6M-41572813Obsessed Garage52702:53:33
7M-21605818The Lightning Rods241702:55:17
8C-21621821Free Candy42602:56:24
10C-41333802Intuitive Roosters212502:44:52
11C-31623840Last Minute Commit52-2503:18:43
12C-21527803Team Adams12302:48:33
13M-21592816Team Z12302:58:40
14C-21568811The Express Lanes2202:10:03
15C-21570812Deviant Wolfe
16M-21609819Gaz and Wooba02:00:00
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1F-11558806Into the Wild5231002:57:10
2M-11559808Bill Bigfoot562-31003:23:02
3M-11560809Juan, he's the loneliest runner...52702:56:58
4M-11618820Spider Monkey43-3403:23:22

Elite 6-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-21541825Nature Calls91072605:47:14
2C-31594835Dead Reckoning877-22006:15:31
3M-21615839Underwater Pullers5951905:58:19
4C-21608838The Mathletes777-21906:20:54
5M-41549827Off in the Woods677-31706:29:00
6M-21545826Little Buckhorn2771605:52:00
7M-41585833Cow Tipping Dwarfs477-21606:12:48
8M-31591834Go Ask Your Mother2561305:58:29
10C-31578832Dark Horse977-41906:35:50
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11574831One Man Wolf Pack9872405:48:12
2M-11596836Under Trained and Over Confident3771705:45:29
3F-11600837Sloth Life375-11406:07:00