The Florida Sea to Sea AR (2016)


The premiere adventure race of Florida – the Florida Sea to Sea will start March 3, 2016 and finish Sunday, March 6. Registration is now open! We will guarantee all teams a solid 72 hours of racing with the best Florida has to offer.

If you are unsure what a race like the Sea to Sea is all about, please be sure to check out our First Timer’s Guide.

Real Time Photos! Using our new GemSpots application racers and volunteers will be able to upload photos live from the course. No registration or account required. Follow the link below to see some teaser photos from out in the course… GemSpots – S2S

[Disciplines involved: Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Race Updates:

Date: March 3 – 6, 2016


International Palms Resort (map)
1300 N Atlantic Ave
Cocoa Beach FL, 32931

Live Tracking:

Follow the teams live here (starting at 10:00 on Mar 3):

Race Maps & Passport:

Race Reports:


To see photos or to upload your own photos, please visit the photos page below. We encourage all teams to upload their own photos:

Elite 72-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
2M-2526Off The Grid Racing362186576:03:00
4C-3519Adventure Capitalists / BDAR3314815675:16:00
5C-2520Adventure Capitalists / BDAR 23314815675:16:00
6M-3522Canyoneros - EA Sports331675675:45:00
7C-3530Layer 3321855573:40:00
8M-2446Black Dog311765474:26:00
10M-3516Running On Empty241354274:43:00
11M-3518Mile One25853876:19:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time

Relay 72-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-2525Epoch Adventure Racing341712-26175:14:00
2M-3533Florida Xtreme341712-26175:14:00
3C-4509Adventure South Racing3118515574:27:00
4M-2432Broccoli Covered Powder Babies30179-15575:19:00
5C-4625Team Super Frogs30175-25075:19:00
6C-2488Team Disoriented25169-14975:19:00
7C-3517Wet Feet AR29108-14674:19:00
8M-2524Team Huaira29124-14475:19:00
9M-2471Summit Adventures/Team Commie Bar30104-14375:45:00
10C-2630KC YERT26116-14275:06:00
11C-4514TM ARBOC26134-14275:48:00
12C-3601Dead Reckoning2986-24175:19:00
13F-3521Bite Me171283776:17:00
14C-3513California Bayou22104-13574:27:00
16M-3531Of Mountains and Men181023072:49:00
17M-2507Lil Chubs20101-22974:37:00