The Florida Sea to Sea AR (2017)


About the Race

The premiere adventure race of Florida – the Florida Sea to Sea will start March 2, 2017 and finish Sunday, March 5. Registration will open soon! We will guarantee all teams a solid 72 hours of racing with the best Florida has to offer. If you are unsure what a race like the Sea to Sea is all about, please be sure to check out our First Timer’s Guide. If you landed on this page and want to know more about adventure racing please watch this video.

A different course every year
A different course every year


[Disciplines involved: Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Night 1


Relay 72-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib # Team Name Misc Total Time
1F-41076102Bite Me15852865:28:00

Elite 72-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Bib # Team Name Misc Total Time
3C-21139118Get Out There Magazine232375365:26:00
5C-31155107Team Disoriented242165168:53:00
6C-41176101Adventure South Racing241975070:45:00
7M-21286133Sin limites Training Sistems241874970:26:00
8C-31145112Layer 3202174869:01:00
9M-31037110Canyoneros - EA Sports221864670:09:00
11C-31196117Team Lupine Racing, USA211854466:45:00
12C-21192122KC YERT181553871:22:00
14M-21260119Lost and Found201153665:33:00
15M-21068128Wet Feet AR131853669:32:00
17M-41041103Canyoneros - EA Sports II18943168:01:00
18M-41132104Fat Boys AR19923065:54:00
19C-41194108Team Trainer131253070:06:00
20M-21100127Tylie Willer13952767:36:00
21M-21202121Explorers Undaunted - Who needs Paddling?15922672:51:00
22C-41152105Nativos Colombia12942571:00:00
24M-31188115Safe Veterans 2211812070:02:00
25C-31203116Shuffle Along1361972:35:00
26M-31191114Of Mountains and Men7831865:43:00
27C-21195120Better Late than Never9721865:49:00
# Division Reg ID Bib # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11211130Gnashing of Teeth191874467:58:00
2M-11190131Not Penny's Boat12842467:48:00
3M-11207132Satellite 12831370:55:00