The Resolution Adventure Race (2017)

Family 1-2 Hour, Sport 4 Hour, and Elite 8 Hour Adventure Race

About the Race

What better way to start off the new year than by heading out into the woods for a day full of biking, paddling, trekking, and more fun activities! So kick your new year into gear at the Resolution Adventure Race and welcome in 2017 the right way.

Everyone makes a promise to better themselves in January. Don’t wait to make the change. Make the promise now to inject adventure into your life in the new year.

The event will be action packed as you and your team race all around the Croom Tract at Withlacoochee State Forest Forest on Foot, Boat, and Bike.

We will have races in 3 categories; Family, Sport, and Elite.

The race is returning to Withlacoochee State Forest. There will be some great single track biking and trekking along the Croom trails. If you have never been there, you are in for quite a treat. Paddling will take place in the beautiful Withlacoochee River. A total of 56 teams came out for the race in 2016. So let’s break that record for 2017!

The race will once again be staged at the Silver Lake Recreation Area. But expect to hike and bike some different trails this year. Race director Manny Otero is already hard at work designing a course that everyone will love! Stay tuned for more updates (and some videos) as Manny continues to finalize the course.

If you have any questions about the race, please feel free to contact Manny at



[Disciplines involved: Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]

Family 2-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-21217Not lost yet5431201:08:00
3C-31161No Shortcuts Dad!!!5431201:29:00
4C-31169Control Hunters5431201:34:00
5C-41125The Young And The Breathless5431201:34:00
6C-21205Two Chickens in Paradise5431201:35:49
7C-31131The Neenja Turdles5431201:46:00

Sport 4-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-31109Cow Tipping Dwarfs8952203:54:40
2M-21117Special Ed8752003:58:00
4C-41135Broccoli Covered Powder Babies8741903:53:00
6C-211052 Left Feet with Miss Crazy3851603:44:00
7C-31147Get your mud on!2951603:55:00
8C-41108You're All Winners!5741603:59:00
9F-21120Into the Wild4741503:48:00
10M-41136Dead Presidents3751503:57:00
12C-31115Dead Reckoning375-11404:01:00
13C-21128Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill375-11404:02:00
14C-21146House Marsan375-11404:07:00
15C-21165Will Race For Beer1651203:47:00
16C-41103You Better Twerk2641203:49:00
17C-21178Diabetic lemurs2641203:52:00
18M-21074Mia's Misfits2551203:56:00
19M-21112Shuffle Along1641103:58:00
20F-21180Are We There Yet?1641104:00:00
21C-41163Team Awesome371004:01:00
22C-31113Shuffle Along Too53803:54:00
23C-41124The Misadventurers44-1704:05:00
24F-21094MAYOR and PRINCESS152-2604:11:00
25C-21198Derr-T Duo565-41204:33:00
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11215Probably Lost574-31304:23:00
2M-11168The Lightning Rods255-21004:15:00

Elite 8-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-41122Off The Grid Racing131693807:17:16
2M-21116Primal Instinct131693807:45:00
3M-21111Fruit Loop Runners131493607:53:00
4M-21138Team Furious131493607:53:00
5M-21172CP Bound131293407:46:00
6M-21179Under Trained and Over Confident131293407:46:00
7C-31110Lost Cause131383407:53:00
8M-21093Master Blaster!131193307:57:00
9C-21173Agony of Defeet13129-13308:03:00
10M-31127Canyoneros - EA Sports121193207:48:00
11C-31226Running On Empty121283207:57:00
13M-41107Long Lost12892907:50:26
14M-31175Legion of Lost71182607:46:00
16C-21119The Mathletes5892207:52:00
17C-21064Sloth Life5792107:55:00
18C-21130Stumbling Thru3971907:48:00
19M-41137Canyoneros - EA Sports II7571907:51:00
20M-21154Mudd Slingers3771707:51:42
# Division Reg ID Team Name Misc Total Time