The Resolution Adventure Race (2018)

Family 1-2 Hour, Sport 4 Hour, and Elite 8 Hour Adventure Race

About the Race

What better way to start off the new year than by heading out into the woods for a day full of biking, paddling, trekking, and more fun activities! So kick your new year into gear at the Resolution Adventure Race and welcome in 2018 the right way.

Everyone makes a promise to better themselves in January. Don’t wait to make the change. Make the promise now to inject adventure into your life in the new year.

The event will be action packed as you and your team race all around the Croom Tract at Withlacoochee State Forest Forest on Foot, Boat, and Bike.

We will have races in 3 categories; Family, Sport, and Elite.

For the 4th year in a row the race is returning to Withlacoochee State Forest. There will be some great single track biking and trekking along the Croom trails. If you have never been there, you are in for quite a treat. Paddling will take place in the beautiful Withlacoochee River. A total of 56 teams came out for the race in 2017. So let’s break that record for 2018!

The race will once again be staged at the Silver Lake Recreation Area. But expect to hike and bike some different trails this year. Race director Manny Otero is already hard at work designing a course that everyone will love! Stay tuned for more updates (and some videos) as Manny continues to work on the course.

If you have any questions about the race, please feel free to contact Manny at


[Disciplines involved: Trekking, Biking, Paddling, Navigation, Orienteering]


Date: January 13, 2018



Withlacoochee State Forest
Silver Lake Recreation Area (map)
31472 Silver Lake Rd
Brooksville, FL 34602



Please note: The AR 101 Class is not mandatory. This is only for teams that feel they want a quick clinic on adventure racing and what to expect during the race. This is geared mostly for novice racers.

Check In 6:00AM 9:00AM 12:00PM
AR 101 Class N/A 10:00AM 1:00PM
Pre-race Meeting 7:30AM 11:30AM 1:30PM
Start 8:00AM 12:00PM 2:00PM
Finish 4:00PM 4:00PM 4:00PM
Post Race 4:30PM 4:30PM 4:30PM


Rules, Gear, Waiver

Please click to read the Event Rules.

Please click to read the Mandatory Gear.

Besides the mandatory gear Sport and Elite teams will also need to have a 1:24k UTM tool. One like this onethis onethis one, or this one.

If you need to brush up on your UTM plotting skills, please see this guide.

Please print and fill out the FLX Race Waiver (one per racer) and bring on race day, this will greatly speed up the check-in process.


Looking for a Team?

If you are looking for a team to join, or looking to find some teammates, please feel free to post a message on the Florida Adventure Racing Facebook page.



Early registration ends: 12/12/2017

Please note, if you register after early registration ends, you might not receive a race specific t-shirt.

Click here to Register!


Registration Fees:

Per Racer Fee $30 $35
Per Racer Fee $90 $100

Family 1-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
2C-41798815Control Hunters3431001:15:00
3C-31839825Broccoli Covered Powder Babies3431001:28:00
4C-41804818The Young And The Breathless333901:30:00

Sport 4-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1C-21844836Trail'r Trash7631603:35:02
2M-41814826Cow Tipping Dwarfs7631603:39:52
3M-21819828Timber Wolves7631603:57:35
4M-21809822Where Is Everyone?7531503:53:59
5M-21794813Street Ballers5621303:58:43
6M-21793812Guns of Vasa5621303:59:00
7C-21808821Shuffle Along661203:46:03
8M-21795814Civil Disobedience562-11204:00:04
9C-21854838Team Sharkey563-21204:16:26
10M-21807820Special Ed633-11104:05:45
11C-21771803The Express Lanes432903:55:43
13C-21788810Team Middlebrook422-3504:20:41
14F-21848837Fighting Koalas263-4704:32:39
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
2F-11835808Team Unknown663-21304:12:32

Elite 8-Hour Leaderboard
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-31805819Off in the Woods121473306:38:16
2C-31776806Endeavor Racing121473306:51:41
3C-21837833Gnashing of Teeth11147-23008:18:26
4C-31778809Dead Reckoning81072507:44:15
5C-21803817The Mathletes9117-22508:10:21
6C-31769802Team KO8972408:00:00
# Division Reg ID SI # Team Name Misc Total Time
1M-11789811Grey Ghost12772607:43:57
2M-11829832Nerves of Vibranium9972507:54:17
3M-11824831The Lightning Rods256-4908:31:11